Make Being Healthy Fun

This is bluejay the doberman and shadow the husky

Make being healthy fun

Hello everybody i wanted to share alittle bit of how i enjoy being more active. Some people get tired of going to the gym everyday. I find diffrent ways to get a nice workout but enjoy it as well i like to go hiking, biking, sports and taking my dog out for walks. These are some pictures of my little adventures and activities.

I love to go bike riding it feels great to get the wind in my face and enjoy the nice views. I feel bike riding is not only a great workout but also a great way to enjoy it.

Hiking is a great workout i love it and i also feel like its important to get some nice fresh air. Most of us live our lives working all the time and we dont really get the chance to enjoy beautiful views and fresh air were depriving ourselfs from something great.

I love my dogs there great hiking partner’s there also great company there like family to me . I always have a great time with my dogs . My dogs are my motivation when im out hiking they literally pull me up the hills there amazing.

Find a sport u love and do it . Sports are a great way of working out. Sports are a great way to workout and this way your not forcing yourself to do anything you’ll enjoy doing it.

31 thoughts on “Make Being Healthy Fun

  1. Having a bike in a big city didn’t work for me but I would rent one if I was in a good biking area. Thank you!
    I eat tired of riding the bike at the gym sometimes but I push myself because I really want to be in better shape.

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    1. Aww that stinks bike rides are great and maybe wen u get the chance you should go to forget about the gym bikes and get some fresh air.
      Thats really good work dont give up i know you can do it just be consistance and you will get more results its a process buts it worth it keep up the good work 😊

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