Why workout?

Working out is a great way to lose stress, weight, and anger. It also helps us be in shape and feel great. Working out also helps us be in better moods and helps have more confident. Here are some of my thoughts on why we should workout

5 important reasons to work out

    1. Helps us live a longer life.for most of us a long life is what we want. Most of us want to see out kids and family grow up. Working out is a good way to stay healthier and help us live that long life we all want.

    • 2. Healthy heart working out may lower the risk of heart disease. Working out is the natural remedy to lower heart disease. Having a good blood flow is important and working out keep are heart strong and healthy to pump blood through out the body.

      3.Better sleep sleep is what keeps us happy ever notice when u lack sleep your kinda cranky. If your having trouble sleeping workout a couplehours before sleep to get tired and ready to sleep. You will also have great blood flow and oxygen to the brain which helps sleep better.

        4. Energy and mood booster ever feel lazy, tired,slugish, and cranky? a good work out in the morning is a great way to feel energetic and happy. When i work i feel great i have a rush do to all the blood rushing threw my body which feels great i feel a rush of energy and i feel i have more productivity like that.

          5.Reduce ur chances of diseases working out not only does it make ur heart strong and healthy it also helps fortify the immune systems it helps keep the digestive system clean and moving. Working out helps get rid of toxics in the body helping the body work at its best to fight of diseases.

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