Depression is a topic that so many people can relate to ive recently been going thru some depression. My girlfriend of 4 years and i broke up ive been having trouble sleeping and eating . People don’t understand how strong depression is and there needs to be people that talk and help people going through it. I feel as my girlfriend is going thru some depression aswell because she was on depo provera birth control and she got off of it and then the problems began i hope people understand that depression is a serious thing i havent gotten any suicidal thought but i feel as my reason of living isnt a important . Im currently battling these demons inside me and i haven’t been posting due to lack of motivation i hope theres some people out there that can relate and help. Thanks sincerely ,Ignacio Garcia

13 thoughts on “Depression

    1. Yesss its very horrible feeling tbh never felt so crappy in my life but i got to move on i just feel like my x is so full of stress and depression aswell that she just got away from me for all the wrong reasons yeah this break up is hard and im honestly lost rn but thank you so much for you comment and you support

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      1. It is hard and I understand the lost feeling. All you can do is take things one day at a time and keep blogging. Blogging is like a diary and will help you put your feelings down on “paper”.

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      2. Yess tbh it is u have this feeling of suffocation and weakness that just kills u by the second and yess blogging is great helps putt the feeling out and u feel like your talking to someone and people like u listen and help and give advice thanks this help my day out to know that people care

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