Mind vs inner demons

My mind

Should u show the pain ?

Should u talk about how much it hurts?

Why she leave?

Was it my fault ?

What could i have done to prevent this?

Am i a coward for talking about it ?

Why cant i sleep ?

Was i not worth it ?

Was there someone eles ?

Why why why?

Did she stop loving me ?

Did i stop loving her ?

Demons responds

Hold it in u coward

If u say how much it hurts thell think ur weak

She left cause your a loser

Ofcourse it was ur fault dumbass

U could do nuthing cause ur a freaken looser

Yes your the biggest coward alive

You cant sleep becuase u know u messed up dumbass

Your not worth nothing

Most likely someone better came along

Becuase your the worst person in this world and noone likes you

she never loved u

Ur so in love with her ull die with out her

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