About Me

Hello everybody im a 19 year old new blogger thats trying to start a movement i want to help people lose weight and be healthier i want to show people what the benefits of being healthy and active are so come and join me.

My story goes like this at the age of 16 i started to workout. Working out got me out of bad choices i was making it was a good way to keep me out of trouble. When i started working out i was only 150lbs at 5’7″ after like 3 months of working out 6 days a week 3-4 hours of working out i went up to 170lbs . I was so happy with my results i was always in a good mood had good confidence and was enjoying life. Now im at 206lbs at 5’9″and lost alot of my confidents and im allways moody because im disappoint on the change that happen and now im on my journey to make this movement because i see so many people that could relate to how i feel and wanna make a change but dont know how. Im here to help find n create recipes and workouts. If you guys have any questions comments and ill be more than happy to answer if i can