Escape the Depression

Im starting to not feel depressed and using this depression to full my ambition and motivation. Ive started going to the gym and its been a wonderful therapy ive lost six pounds in mater of days been going twice a day morning and night. The gym has helped me find my goals and keeps me motivated.

Today i did some leg workout and i wanna share with u guys my leg workout .

1st i started with 15min of treadmill to warm up the body after that i stretched for 15 to complete my 30 min warm up

2nd i did some leg curls and hamstring curls to start using the muscle and get them ready for the work out

3rd i moved on to the actual workout which i did

  • Leg press: 4sets of 20reps (light weight to do more reps to really feel the burn )
  • Squats: 3sets of 15( with weight thats no to heavy but not to light )
  • Leg curls :3sets of 8 reps of some heavy weight to get a good pump
  • Hamstring curl : 3 sets of 10 with decent weight
  • Stiffleg deadlift 2sets of 15 to feel the hamstring really streach (go as low as u can aslong as u dont feel pain keep good form at all time)
  • Weighted lunges: 3 sets reps until failure


My soul is dark but my smile is bright

And i never thought ill see the light

As my days look always as if it were night

Kind of wonder if i should keep in sight or hide under the night

For this light hurts my eyes should i put up a fight

I feel so small at such an average height

I wish i was tall and perfect to be her knight

But its to late she left and left my heart out of sight

– Ignacio garcia

Trying to make a little poetry of my own hope u guys like and would appreciate some feedback thank you

Mind vs inner demons

My mind

Should u show the pain ?

Should u talk about how much it hurts?

Why she leave?

Was it my fault ?

What could i have done to prevent this?

Am i a coward for talking about it ?

Why cant i sleep ?

Was i not worth it ?

Was there someone eles ?

Why why why?

Did she stop loving me ?

Did i stop loving her ?

Demons responds

Hold it in u coward

If u say how much it hurts thell think ur weak

She left cause your a loser

Ofcourse it was ur fault dumbass

U could do nuthing cause ur a freaken looser

Yes your the biggest coward alive

You cant sleep becuase u know u messed up dumbass

Your not worth nothing

Most likely someone better came along

Becuase your the worst person in this world and noone likes you

she never loved u

Ur so in love with her ull die with out her


Depression is a topic that so many people can relate to ive recently been going thru some depression. My girlfriend of 4 years and i broke up ive been having trouble sleeping and eating . People don’t understand how strong depression is and there needs to be people that talk and help people going through it. I feel as my girlfriend is going thru some depression aswell because she was on depo provera birth control and she got off of it and then the problems began i hope people understand that depression is a serious thing i havent gotten any suicidal thought but i feel as my reason of living isnt a important . Im currently battling these demons inside me and i haven’t been posting due to lack of motivation i hope theres some people out there that can relate and help. Thanks sincerely ,Ignacio Garcia