Health benifits of turmeric and ginger

Turmeric and ginger in my opinion is great every morning and night i make a nice warm tea of turmeric with ginger and cinnamon. The tea makes me feel great it helps me sleep and clears my throat. These two roots have a huge amount of benifits.

Turmeric has been thought to be a great natural anti-inflammatory and great anti- oxidant. Turmeric has also been know for its digestion booster and pain killing benifits. Turmeric has been use also to help asthma (not cure help).people has also use turmic to help reduce chemotherapy effects. Im not suggesting that you consume or use turmeric but if you would consider using it do some research of your own to be sure

Ginger has great research on Benifits such as boosted bone health and also relieves joint pain. Ginger may also help prevent cancer and help regulate sugar, it also helps women out with reliveing pain during menstrual cramps. Ginger has been proven to help with nausea and getting rid of excess gas from the body.

How to reduce sugar cravings ?

The average sugar consumption for men is 37.5 grams of sugar and for women the average consumption is 25 grams yet the average human consumes about 82 grams more the twice that is recommend for both men and women which is about 66 more pounds a year. Ever wonder how to reduce sugar cravings well i have 5 ways here.

1.Dont drink to much sugarskip soda, juice, and other sweetened drinks. People who drink sugar sweetened beverages have up to an 83% higher chance of type 2 diabetes

2.Get more sleep– when people are deprived of sleep it causes an imbalance in the hunger and full hormones (ghrelin and leptin hormones) and when theres an imbalance you are more likely to have sugar craving

3.Infuse your water- try replacing sugary beverages like flavored sodas and jucies with a water infused with fruits or citrus it helps make water less plane and dull.

4.Replacing sugar with cinnamon- cinnamon adds a sweet taste with out the actual need of sugar. Cinnamon helps protect the heart and fight diabetes.

5.Modify your food– slowly change food recipes substituted sugar with whole food such as bananas, applesauce ,honey ,and syrup and other natural sweets.

Mood savers

Stress saver -chocolate helps ease and reduce stress in our body

Laziness saver– spinach gives natural energy and helps concentrate

Moody savereat apple and peanut butter it helps keep energy and sugar levels steady for long time

Eagerness saver– eats salmon for omega 3 fatty to help feel at ease

Depression saver– low fat milk has vitamin D which helps reduce depression

Why is lossing weight such a fight?

Lossing weight is a difficulty because our own body fights the lower body fat by decreasing the hormone leptim which tells the bain that were full and we increase the hormone gherlin which makes us hungry causing an imbalance of hormones makes it even harder to keep the weight off after we already lost it.

Environment Food Issues

Another reason i feel its so hard to lose weight is because of our environment and this may not be a reason for everyone but it is a big one we have food all around us and we can even get food deliver to use which make us even more lazier. And most of the food thats around us is unhealthy. This has been a problem that has been growing rapidly and will keep expanding. Food is being advertised everywhere we look like for example theres always food commercials on tv were always receiving coupons. I feel this make a diffrence on what we eat.

Muscle Absorption

Our muscles are becoming resistant to insulin and our muscles don’t open up as there suppose to absorb nutrients and glucose causing those nutrients to turn into fat which is stored for future use. But since we keep consuming food the process repeats and repeats causing us to gain weight. This causes problems further down the road.

The 30 day diet challenge

30 days do you have the discipline?

Try this 30 day challenge feel and see the change there is some things to cut off and some stuff to add to your daily routine i personally feel great and i am almost certain you will feel great as well give it a try if u slack off a little dont give up keep going i know you can do it 😁

10 simple things you have to do

  • Dont drink Soda
  • Drink More water
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • Workout for 30min.
  • Cut off white bread
  • Eat more fruits&vegies
  • No candies
  • Switch coffee for green tea
  • Lower red meat consumption
  • Eat more fish or chicken

Its time to work for that dream body!!

Dont expect your dream body to be handed to you because thats not how life works. In this world you gotta work for what you want, dont find a short cut either its better to take the longer route so you can get use to the process. Be committed 100% thats the only way to see the best results you can get remember the effort you put is the results you’ll get.

Some helpfull tips

Find a workout partner it makes working out easier and fun.

Dont buy sweets or soda have the self control

Read and do research on soda,gluten,and red meat consumption

Dont give give up

Treat your body right

5 Yoga Benifits

Here are 5 of my favorite yoga benifits

1. Yoga helps get Oxygen to the brain: Oxygen to the brain is very important for the growth and repairing of the brain.

2. Body detoxification:yoga has been thought to help the body get rid of toxics

3. Less chance of heart disease:yoga deep breathing techniques help lower blood pressure. Yoga also helps quiet the nervous system and eases stress.

4. Better posture and flexibility: trying to get rid of bad posture or feeling to stiff ? Yoga has been proven to help with posture and flexibility by 35% after 8 weeks of practice. Yoga streching helps increase blood flow thru the body and increase the range of motion.

5. Enhances better mind to body connection : having a great mind to body connection means that ur body reacts better to your brains command and not having a great mind to body connection could mean your reflects and body movents might be slower this could be cause by stress,emotions, and even social behaviors.

My Gym Journey

I use to go to the gym every single day work out for 3 to 4 hours push my self till my muscles gave up my dieting was consistent as well. This was one of my meal routines which worked for me and you guys are more than welcome to use it.

•Meal 1- 2 egg white + 1whole egg + 1/2 cup oatmeal

•Meal 2- 1/2 sc. Protein shake

•Meal 3- 4oz lean meat + 1/2cups of yams + 1 cups Green Veggies

•Meal 4- 4 oz lean meat +1/2 Brw Rice 1 cups Green Veggies

•Meal 5- 4 oz lean meat + 1 cups Green Veggies

•Meal 6- 1/2 sc. Protein shake

The reason i stopped working out was that i got a job that didnt let me sleep and rest enough. I would get so drained out from work i couldnt handle working out and its not an excuse i do pool demolitions which if you ever done or seen its a horrible job. I wake up at 4am and drive to work then i would usually get home anywhere from 4-8 I know a lot of people can relate and it honestly sucks to not be able to do something you love.

My goal is to lose 20 pounds and to build some muscle. I want to get back to working out because i miss it and i honestly feel horrible i have gained 40 pounds since i started working. I try working out i get tired and start breathing hard when i use to workout i lifted stuff like nothing and didn’t get as tired i felt great and i set a goal to feel like that again. Im gonna get on a strick diet and strick training scheduled. I will post my meals preps and my workout schedule so if you guys can realate to me u can try it out as well.


  1. Day 1: Chest and Abs
  • Flat bench press: 4 sets, 8-10 reps
  • Incline bench: 4 sets, 8-10 reps
  • Decline bench: 4 sets, 8-10 reps
  • Machine pull over: 4 sets, 12reps
  • Hammer Press: 3 sets, 10-12 reps
  • Dips: 3 sets, 10-12 reps
  • Weighted sit ups: 4 sets, 10-12 reps Day 2: Back and Traps
  • Bent over row: 4 sets, 8-10 reps
  • Dead lift: 4 sets, 8-10 reps
  • Pull downs: 4 sets, 10-12 reps
  • Pull ups: 4 sets, 10-12 reps
  • Seated cable row: 4 sets, 10-12 reps
  • Standing with wrist curl behind back: 4 sets
  • Shrugs: 6 sets, do as much as you can
  • Reverse wrist curl behind back: 3 sets, do as much as you can

Day 3: Delts and Abs

  • press behind the back: 4 sets, 6-8 reps
  • Machine chest press: 4 sets, 6-8 reps
  • Dumbbell lateral raise: 4 sets, 8-10 reps
  • Weight plate front raise: 4 sets, 8-10 reps
  • Reverse pec deck: 4 sets, 8-10 repsR
  • Reverse fly’s on an incline bench: 4 sets, 10-12 reps
  • Hanging leg raise: 4 sets, do as much as you can
  • Side crunches: 4 sets, do as much as you can
  • Side bends: 4 sets, do as much as you can

Day 4: Biceps, triceps and Forearms

  • Close grip bench press: 4 sets, 8-10 reps
  • Triceps push downs: 4 sets, 8-10 reps
  • EZ bar skull crusher: 4 sets, 10 reps
  • Cable kick back: 4 sets, 8 reps
  • Hammer curl with each hand: 4 sets, 8 reps
  • EZ bar curl: 4 sets, 8-10 reps
  • Wide grip curl: 4 sets, 8 reps
  • Concentration curl: 4 sets, 12 reps
  • Standing with wrist curl behind back: 4 sets, do as much as you can
  • Reverse barbell with wrist curl over bench: 4 sets, do as much as you can

Day 5: Legs and Abs

  • Squats: 4 sets, 12 reps
  • Squats to bench: 4 sets, 12 reps
  • Quad extensions: 4 sets 16 reps
  • Bulgarian squats: 4 sets, 10-12 reps
  • Leg curls: 4 sets, 12-16 reps
  • Stiff leg dead lifts: 4 sets, 10-12 reps
  • Calf machine raises: 4 sets, 20 reps
  • Seated calf raises: 4 sets, 20 reps
  • Leg press calf raises: 4 sets, 20 reps
  • Glute kickbacks: 4 sets 20 reps
  • Weighted sit ups: 4 sets, do as much as you can
  • Air bike: 4 sets, do as much as you can
  • Side bends: 4 sets, do as much as you can
  • Barbell twists: 4 sets, do as much as you can

Eating routine

I try to eat every 2 hours and to take at least 35 grams of protein with every meal. When I start the diet I am usually around 10-12% body fat and it takes me about a month to go down to 3%.

  1. Meal 1: Oatmeal, Eggs, Peanut Butter & Grapefruit
  2. Meal 2: Rice, Chicken & Broccoli
  3. Meal 3: Pasta, Tuna Fish & Avocado
  4. Meal 4: Rice, Chicken
  5. Meal 5: Salmon & Green Salad
  6. Meal 6: Cottage Cheese & Broccoli